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Worried about your baby’s teething problems?

As much as you would want to protect your little one from any pain or stress, his developmental milestones such as teething might mostly make you and your baby stressed out. This teething stage among babies usually lasts for up to three years, the first tooth appearing during first 6 months up till the time they get their fully grown 20 teeth baby smile.

Symptoms of a teething baby

While some babies show no symptom of growing teeth and a growing tooth would be unnoticeable unless it appears on his jaw, some babies show various signs of teething. These signs may include:

  • Chewing and biting fingers and objects in his/her vicinity
  • Sore gums, reddish in appearance from the point of growth of baby’s tooth
  • Noticeably more dribbling than usual
  • He/she seems more irritated or unsettled than usual
  • Flushed cheeks or face
  • Reduced feed intake

Best ways to soothe your baby’s gums

You can try various methods of soothing your baby’s painful gums but firstly, lot of cuddles! Before moving to pain relief products and gels, consider soothing the pain with these simple ways:

  • With a clean finger, gently massage the sore gums and flushed cheeks to provide a temporary relief
  • Give him/her something cold to bite or chew on; this provides a great help to the baby as cold food numb the pain temporarily
  • Various kinds of silicone-based teething toys can be used for the purpose. A better way of using them is making them cold by keeping in the refrigerator for few minutes before giving them to chew. Do not put them in the freezer as they tend to become too hard for the babies to bite on and can harm their gums instead.
  • For babies older than six months, cold vegetables and fruits can also be used instead of teething toys, although necessary caution must be taken to avoid them choking on it.

Does nothing else work? Are you considering soothing gels and remedies?

It’s always safer to consider checking with your dentist before giving your babies any pain-relief remedies or applying soothing gels. The dosage and frequency of application may vary depending upon the requirements of the baby. Improper dosage can prove fatal if not taken care of; it is worth asking in case you are not sure.

Call your trusted dentist for any enquiries related to your little one or even yourself. At Lincoln Dental, we support you with all your dental needs and recommend you the best possible treatments. Call Lincoln Dental today at (03) 9850 1713 and one of our representatives will help you with your questions or book an appointment at your convenience.


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