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Tips to ease braces pain

6 tips for ease Braces Pain

  • Ice Packs, Cold Food and Drinks: If you feel like your braces are giving you hard time and they are really tightened then try applying a cold pack to the area or have some ice cream or other cool food. Ice packs and cold food can help reducing pains, swelling and inflammation and help relieve the pain.
  • Gargle with Salt water: In some cases sore develops on your cheeks and gums as they adapt to your braces. Swishing for just 60 second with warm salt water can reduce the irritation and remove the soreness.
  • Softer foods: Your gums and tooth become more sensitive as your braces are tightened, so it’s better to avoid crunchy or hard foods such as raw vegetable and chips. Instead, choose softer foods and drinks.
  • Massaging your gums: Just like massaging your foot or another parts of body can ease your muscle pain, massaging you gums with your fingers can help ease the pain. If you have swelling in your gums it can also relax tissues, making your newly tightened braces a little bit more comfortable.
  • Orthodontics Wax: if you begin to feel irritation on your cheeks, gums, or even on your lips because of braces, then orthodontics wax may be helpful.
  • Pain killers: In some cases the above mentioned won’t provide any type of relief needed. If this is the scenario then you should consider trying pain killers. Make sure you ask your dentist or doctor about proper diagnose.

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