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Why soft bristles are better than hard bristles

Most people don’t put enough thought while picking out a toothbrush. When you pick a toothbrush it should based on bristle strength and no on the brand, colour or look. The common notion to pick a hard br...


Hidden Consequences of Missing Teeth

We are all aware about the importance of teeth. We all grew up listening to our parents about the importance of dental hygiene.  Imagine yourself without teeth would be the scariest thing that can happen with s...


Braces or Invisalign

Braces or Invisalign A healthy and confident smile with straight teeth is best way to boost your confidence and at Lincoln Dental we provide different orthodontic treatments that can help you achieve your goal....


Top reasons for toothache

Top 6 reasons for toothache Dental Cavity or Tooth Decay Cavity in teeth is the most widely found problem in all age groups. Unclean teeth with food sticking on them become food for oral bacteria. This leads ...