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Child Dentist Near Doncaster

Children have different dental needs than adults, which is why we the child dentist at Doncaster specialize in delivering those needs. From the moment you enter our office, you’ll feel confident you’re receiving the very best dental care for your child. Lincoln Dental near Doncaster is proud to provide dentistry for infants, children and teens. Addressing oral health in a child’s early years is especially important because it helps prevent more severe problems later in life. Our dental practise in Bulleen, near Doncasterwill make sure that your child’s teeth are in their best shape while creating a trusting and compassionate relationship with your child ultimately fostering optimal oral health lasting a lifetime. For children who are especially anxious or have special needs our friendlychild dentist in Bulleen near Doncaster  issuperiorly trained, well versed and experienced for such situations and provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere that helps remove any anxiety your child may have. We also offer orthodontic services alongside our regular dental services as the majority of orthodontic patients are children and teenagers. The child dentist will look out for any signs that your child may need orthodontic work. We are firm believers of holistic dental care and enjoy educating patients and parents on good oral hygiene and nutrition, so you will feel prepared and confident once you leave. Lincoln dental provides treatment to the children who are eligible under the Australian Government’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme, the treatment is bulk- billed, just come in with your Medicare card and we will take care of all your child’s dental needs.

What is Child Dental Benefit Scheme-The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides eligible families with children aged 2-17 years old with access to a benefit of $1000* for eligible dental services over a 2 calendar year period.

What treatment does the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) cover?

The CDBS provides benefits for a range of dental services including

  • dental check-ups
  • X-rays
  • teeth cleaning
  • fissure sealing
  • fillings
  • root canals
  • tooth extractions

The CDBS continues to be means tested, which requires of Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

CDBS is available at Lincoln Dental, child dentist, in Bulleen near Doncaster, in accordance with eligibility and terms and conditions.


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