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Pick the best dental implant provider

How to Pick the Best Dental Implant Provider

The main reason which prevents individuals even from speaking with their dentist about the dental implants is fear. Knowledge and information are enemies of fear that is why we do our best to guide our patients and provide them the right information. So if you have decided that this is the right time to explore your options regarding tooth replacement and dental implants, here is list of the things which you need to look for.

Need an In-Person dental Implant Consultation   

Expect your provider to schedule an in-person consultation with an exam and x-rays.

A great provider will not provide all the information over the phone or online he will encourage you to come in for a consultation for an implant. The main reason behind that is the success of dental implant depends upon what you can only be seen in person and through conversation. While many of them provides the implant consultation for free, some do charge fees for the appointment so be sure to ask up front.

There are few implant consult which we consider while we are providing the Implant Consult:

  • How healthy are your gums? Do you have any existing restorations like crowns, bridges or partial dentures? Do you visit your dentist regularly for checkups? Do you take of your brush and floss regularly??
  • What kind of bone structure do you have in your jaw? Does it might appear as a problem to us to have the dental implant done?
  • Are you addicted to smoke, tobacco or any other habits that can affect the success of an implant? As some and tobacco can affect the health of your teeth and gums.

Take your time to ask question

Expect your implant provider to offer in-depth information about the implant process and ask any questions if you have in your mind without any hesitation. If you are not sure what questions to ask at your consultation, then don’t stress take your time and relax.

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