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All you need to know about Wisdom Teeth

The final-most stage of teeth growth in humans is the wisdom teeth that usually grow during the late teenage or early adulthood. They are the molars that take the remaining space at the backside of the top and bottom jaw and give the jaw a completely aligned feel and comfort.

Some people are fortunate enough to get their wisdom teeth as smoothly as to feel no more than a slight regular pain. However more often, people are less fortunate when it comes to wisdom teeth. This is so, because everyone’s jaw varies in its size and spaces to allow growth of teeth. Not many people have the required gap and thus the tooth tends to get stuck between the gums and the process of it making a space to fit into the jaw becomes complicated and painful. This may even lead to extreme pain and swelling in some people, depending upon the situation such as alignment and place of its growth.

At Lincoln Dental Bulleen, we can help detect the exact cause behind tooth discomfort and recommend you the remedies to help soothe the pain. At times, wisdom teeth tend to grow horizontally, or even at an angle to the adjacent teeth. They may push the gum abruptly and thereby make the consequent tooth change its alignment too. If necessary, wisdom tooth can be removed permanently through surgery. This surgery doesn’t take long and can be performed as per your suitability and availability when you make a booking. Aftercare advice and medication recommendation is also provided.

If a tendency of developing a painful wisdom is detected at an early age by a dentist, it is much easier to fix it even before it develops. At later stages, they can become extremely complicated, especially among mid-aged and elderly. Thus, it is always a safer option to get a period x-ray done in case one still has not had a wisdom teeth growth yet. This I because, the bone and tissues are softer and easier to be treated at younger ages.

At Lincoln Dental Bulleen, our experienced dentists are experts in providing dental treatment to our patients, from mild to severe dental issues. We are dedicated to make you feel comfortable and exceeding your expectations. From progressive disease prevention to restoring timeworn teeth to designing smiles that dazzle, we do it all with exceptional skill and give attention to detailing. We’re passionate about giving our patients many new reasons to smile!

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