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How often to go to the dentist?

We usually recommend going to a dentist biannually, that is twice a year. This schedule not only helps the dentist to keep a close eye at your oral cavity but also optimises the use of your health funds for maximum benefits. Studies have shown that if you don’t maintain your biannual check up and clean you lose more than you gain. Visiting the dentist every 6 months is very essential for preventative dental care. Our team of dentists at Lincoln dental reinforce preventative oral health care habits like flossing, techniques of brushing along with identifying any signs of parafunctional habits such as grinding or bruxing. Regular visits to the dentist may also diagnose conditions in your mouth that could affect your overall health. A positive relationship with a trustworthy dentist can help you be more committed to your biannual visits.

At Lincoln Dental, our professional and experienced team of Dentists offer a complete range of preventative and comprehensive dental services at our offices in Manningham and Forest Hill

Staying on top of cavities

Diagnostic X-rays taken at your dental visits can help diagnose cavities in Inaccessible areas, like in between teeth. These areas are hard to see to the naked eye. Once a cavity is formed unfortunately there’s no way that it can reverse on its own. It is absolutely a misconception that a filling can be done whenever you find the time to go to a dentist. “Cavity “essentially is an infection in the form of a hole or abscess in your tooth. This can progress if left untreated which makes It clear that it is not ideal to put it off until later.

Professional clean and active maintenance

The routine 6 monthly visits at a dental clinic involves removal of stubborn plaque and tartar which is impossible to achieve at home. Flossing done at the dental clinic can help the dentist assess your gums and highlight areas that need more flossing. This practice also helps reinforce flossing to maintain your gums and alleviate formation of cavities between teeth. You will also receive a liquid fluoride treatment at the end of your visit. This liquid varnish is brushed over your teeth to provide a shield of protection between bi-annual visits.

Perhaps let’s not procrastinate our dental check-up and as a rule of thumb visit the dentist every 6 months. Lincoln Dental Manningham and Forest hill are preferred providers for a range of insurances like BUPA, NIB, HCF and smile.com.au. Our professional team of dentists, friendly reception and gentle nurses are always here to help you achieve your dental goals!


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