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Dental Crowns: Everything and Anything you need to know!

What is a dental crown?

Dental crown is a customized permanent, long term restoration that is placed over a natural tooth or an implant. When cemented on the tooth, crowns cover the entire tooth over the visible gum line.  They are usually permanent restorations that look, feel and function like a normal tooth. We at Lincoln Dental near Doncaster, try to match the shade to our best abilities to the shade of your existing natural tooth, if the patients opt for the ceramic (porcelain), a highly aesthetic material.


Dental Crown

What is the purpose of a dental crown?

  1. A dental crown allows the natural tooth to retain its strength, functionality and visibility. It serves the purpose to restore a tooth which has lost its structure which could be extracted.
  2. It can also be used to cap broken, chipped, discoloured or misshaped tooth, as a result enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a natural tooth.

Dental crown can achieve following outcomes

  1. Restoring length of a worn out tooth
  2. Closing spaces between the teeth
  3. Reshaping the tooth

Reasons you may need a dental crown

  1. Holding and protecting a weak tooth due to decay or fracture and prevent further crumbling
  2. Restoring an already fractured tooth
  3. Achieving the tooth length that is worn down usually due to grinding
  4. Supporting a large filling, where there is not enough tooth structure available
  5. Cosmetic purposes like closing spaces between the teeth, discolouration, rotated teeth
  6. Strengthening the tooth after a root canal procedure
  7. Replacing an old , broken or lost filling
  8. Holding dental bridges in place
  9. Covering or capping a dental implant.

Benefits of a Dental crown

  1. It is one of the most durable restorations which can last for a long time. This can be made possible due to the high quality materials and labs, Lincoln Dental, Doncaster uses for the making of the crowns. Nevertheless, life-span of a dental crown depends on a number of factors like oral hygiene habits, biting forces and maintenance by the patient.
  2. It provides protection to a vulnerable tooth, after root canal treatment
  3. Dental crowns are superior restorations to maintain the visual appearance and give you beautiful smiles.

Procedure for Dental Crowns

First step is to consult your dentist to assess if the tooth is suitable for crown. It usually requires two appointments, in the first appointment the expert dentist at Lincoln dental will shape the tooth according to the crown requirements and take impressions for the labs to fabricate the crown. In the following appointment we will cement the crown in place and adjust the crown according to the patients bite and comfort. At Lincoln dental, our friendly staff and expert skills will make sure that your experience is as painless as possible, patient care being our utmost priority. So, if you tick one of the reasons mentioned above and need a dental crown near Doncaster we are here to help you. Please contact Lincoln Dental, Doncaster at 03 99393032 to make an appointment or go on our website for online bookings.


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