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Why should you choose a paediatric (child friendly) dentist for your kids?

Treating younger patients requires special attention and extra skills. Child friendly Dentists are experts in looking after the oral needs of children and adolescents. Healthy baby teeth means healthy adult teeth later and our child friendly dentists make sure of just that! Seeing a dentist is overwhelming even for adults so it can be as daunting for kids. Child friendly dentists are aware of this feeling and that is why they can handle all kinds of nervous, scared, chatty and shy children. They can show you how to tame your child’s bad oral habits such as thumb sucking or constant pacifier use. They are trained to implement age-specific techniques to make sure kids are well informed of good oral health and have positive dental experiences.

The reason why child friendly dentists are the best to look after your child’s teeth is because they have just the right qualifications and experience in treating baby teeth. They are skilled to particularly cater to children and provide gentle dental care suitable for younger ages. It’s best to visit a child friendly dentist in your child’s early years so that they help develop good habits early, teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques and provide preventative care. They recommend continuous fluoride treatments and sealants to protect the adult teeth from decaying in the future. Seeing a child friendly dentist in their early growing years creates positive and healthy behaviours as well as an introduction to the importance of dental care early on. Moreover, it also makes the child feel comfortable with the dentist and helps the entire family to adopt healthy oral hygiene practices.

An early identification of dental issues is critical in this age as it can prevent more serious issues needing an orthodontic or a root canal treatment. It also highlights any developmental issues or orthodontic treatments required, as it is crucial to treat them in early years. Moreover, a child friendly dentist can help provide this education to parents for them to take care of their children’s teeth.

If you are looking for a child friendly dentist in and around Doncaster to tend to your children’s teeth, look no further! We are a child friendly dentist who takes care of your kids’ dental needs for them to have healthy adult teeth in the future. We are trained to treat holes in baby teeth with tiny instruments and make sure your child’s dental visits are fun and informative.


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