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Braces or Invisalign

Braces or Invisalign A healthy and confident smile with straight teeth is best way to boost your confidence and at Lincoln Dental we provide different orthodontic treatments that can help you achieve your goal....


Pick the best dental implant provider

How to Pick the Best Dental Implant Provider The main reason which prevents individuals even from speaking with their dentist about the dental implants is fear. Knowledge and information are enemies of fear tha...


Bad breath-treatment and prevention

BAD BREATH- Treatment and Prevention Causes of Bad Breath Although there are many factors leading to Bad Breath but poor oral hygiene is the most common among all. Building up bacteria due to unhygienic oral ha...


Top reasons for toothache

Top 6 reasons for toothacheDental Cavity or Tooth DecayCavity in teeth is the most widely found problem in all age groups. Unclean teeth with food sticking on them become food for oral bacteria. This leads ...


Dental Bridge v/s Dental Implants

Dental Bridge VS Dental Implants: comparison of costs and benefits Whether you need a dental implant or bridge work, it depends upon your dental health conditions. Having one or more natural teeth missing, you...


Sedation Dentistry

Is Sleep Sedation Dentistry Safe? Sedation can be explained as a process in which any anxious or stressed person can be brought to a relaxed and calm state by using sedatives like tanqualisers, depressants or a...

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