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Worried about your baby’s teething problems?

As much as you would want to protect your little one from any pain or stress, his developmental milestones such as teething might mostly make you and your baby stressed out. This teething stage among babies usu...


All you need to know about Wisdom Teeth

The final-most stage of teeth growth in humans is the wisdom teeth that usually grow during the late teenage or early adulthood. They are the molars that take the remaining space at the backside of the top and ...


Retainers after braces. Are you done yet?

As much as you’ve been waiting to get rid of those stick-on metal beads from your teeth to give you that perfect smile you’ve always wished for, you need to re-think before you rush. While an orthodontic treatm...


Child Dentist Near Doncaster

Children have different dental needs than adults, which is why we the child dentist at Doncaster specialize in delivering those needs. From the moment you enter our office, you’ll feel confident you’re receivin...


Need of Emergency Dental Care in Bulleen

What do you mean by Dental emergency? Dental problems that need immediate assistance to stop bleeding, save the tooth or alleviate severe pain is termed as Dental emergency. If you have any of the symptoms, you...


Dental Crowns: Everything and Anything you need to know!

What is a dental crown? Dental crown is a customized permanent, long term restoration that is placed over a natural tooth or an implant. When cemented on the tooth, crowns cover the entire tooth over the visibl...

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