March 2, 2018
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Maintaining Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Life!

We at Lincoln Dental understand that with the current lifestyle of people, it’s extremely hard to plan and think about everything and every time. That includes […]
November 15, 2017
Woman showing her perfect straight white teeth.

What is more expensive Dentistry or Neglect?

Everyone wants to have a bright straighter smile, but no one wants to visit a dentist. As the old adage goes “No pain, No gain.” Most […]
September 20, 2017
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Why soft bristles are better than hard bristles

Most people don’t put enough thought while picking out a toothbrush. When you pick a toothbrush it should based on bristle strength and no on the […]
September 20, 2017
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Healthy Gums, healthy body!

Healthy Gums can help you keep your body healthy! Maintaining healthy gums can be an important part of your overall oral health routine, it’s not only […]