If you are looking for general dentistry or you looking for dental care for your children then we are here for you. At Lincoln Dental we provide fillings, root canal fillings, extractions, dentures, bridges, wisdom teeth removal and a full range of preventative treatments including hygiene treatment & fluoride application. At your routine examination appointment we will make a thorough assessment of your current oral health and give you a range of options for treatment, some options may be essential, such as hygiene therapy or treatment to arrest decay. Other treatments suggested may be more “cosmetic” such as teeth whitening. We will also check at each appointment for any abnormalities in the soft tissues of the mouth which may be caused by a disease such as cancer.

We always offers a written treatment plan and have a clear understanding of the costs involved before treatment commences.

Call us on (03) 9850 1713 to talk to our professionals or visit www.lincolndental.com.au