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All You Need To Know About Dental Crowns: A Comprehensive Guide

Dental crowns act as covers resembling regal headgear that perfectly fit onto an injured, misaligned, or damaged tooth after root canal treatment. A tooth crown can enhance the overall appearance of a tooth, safeguard it from infections permanently, or even help support dental bridges to address tooth loss. If you are considering tooth crowns near Bulleen for your dental requirements, you may have enquiries regarding the procedure. Here’s what you need to know about the process and how to preserve the life of your dental crowns:

The Process of Getting Fitted with Dental Crowns at Lincoln Dental in Bulleen: Steps and Procedures.

During a thorough examination, our highly skilled dentist at Lincoln Dental will capture images of your teeth and jaw to verify the soundness of the underlying tooth and its ability to provide the necessary support for the crown. If the tooth that needs a crown is in poor condition, dental professionals will advise addressing any complications that may occur. After the underlying tooth has been healed or determined to be healthy enough to support a dental crown in our Bullpen clinic the next step will commence.

Our dentist at Lincoln Dental will first numb the affected tooth with local anaesthesia to ensure your utmost comfort. Then they will proceed to remove some material from the tooth’s surface to accommodate the dental crown. The main objective is to avoid any increase in the size of the affected tooth and ensure that the chewing area is at an equal height with your other teeth once the crown is properly placed. Once the tooth has been prepared, our Lincoln dental specialist will make an impression of your tooth and the teeth nearby to create a dental crown. This process is to make sure that the ultimate crown will match perfectly with your existing natural teeth.

In the final stages of this procedure, our dental practitioner will place a provisional crown to put on until your long-lasting dental crown at our clinic in Bulleen is set to be connected to your tooth that has been ready. This is crucial, as the removal of material from your dental structure exposes it to a greater risk of bacterial penetration and dental caries. Before a permanent crown is secured, the tooth is in danger of further deterioration. These impressions will be sent to the dental lab, where skilled professionals will make a tooth crown to accurately fit your prepared tooth and the nearby teeth.

During your second visit, the temporary crown will be removed by your dentist at Lincoln Dental Bulleen. Afterwards, the new permanent dental crown will be placed with utmost care and precision at our clinic. Our skilled dentist ensures that the crown fits seamlessly and blends naturally with your tooth. Finally, the crown is firmly bonded to your tooth using specialised bonding compounds.

How long do dental crowns last?

By taking proper care and dedication to preserve the well-being of your dental hygiene, a dental crown is capable of lasting for a 15-year span. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the duration of a tooth crown can differ in accordance with multiple factors. In our practice located in Bulleen, our experienced dental practitioner, who understands your dental condition and lifestyle, can give a precise calculation regarding the durability of your dental crown. Factors that can influence how long your dental crown will last include:

  • The location of the crown in your mouth and how much pressure it will be subjected to.
  • How well do you maintain oral hygiene
  • Habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and chewing or biting on hard objects like ice or fingernails.

Dental crowns in Bulleen at Lincoln Dental are highly effective and efficient in resolving many functional and cosmetic dentistry issues.


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