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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning

For many, visiting a dentist for a dental clean is the last thing on your mind especially through hectic daily schedules. We all find dental cleans to be at the very bottom of our priority lists. But did you know that only brushing at home is not enough to remove the stubborn plaque build-up on your teeth? We need a powerful combination of your at-home dental care as well as dental cleaning done by a professional. This not only gives you a fantastic smile, but also helps improve over all health and wellbeing. Therefore, we recommend visiting your dentist in Forest Hill at least twice every year. Check out these great reasons for scheduling your next professional dental clean!

  • To freshen your breath

This is an obvious one! Bad breath or what we call Halitosis in the dental world is caused by bacteria on your teeth and gums. Particularly, lot of plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth can trap these bacteria if not regularly removed. This also makes it even harder to clean by a toothbrush and no matter how hard you scrub, you still end up having a smelly breath. Dental professionals use a special technique called scaling which breaks off all the calcified plaque from the surface of your teeth hence removing the trapped bacteria and leaving your breath smell fresh again!

  • To prevent gum disease

When thick build-ups of plaque and tartar are left on the surfaces of teeth, they cause gum inflammation. When gums become inflamed, they can detach from the teeth over time and form pockets. This can lead to gum infection call as gingivitis. Gums may even bleed during normal brushing or get swollen if left untreated. Regular six-monthly dental cleans helps remove all the plaque from your teeth rendering it free of gum disease. Addressing gum disease is also extremely important for overall health.

  • To prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by acid developed in your mouth that eventually erodes the dental enamel over time. This is why dentists recommend brushing twice a day and flossing your teeth to get rid of this acid. An unattended tooth decay can lead to tooth infection, leading to toothache and infection that can even spread to your body. Early detection of tooth decay can avoid this and can be discovered early on your dental cleaning visits twice a year.

  • To get your x-rays

Dental x-rays help dentists to find out what is going on within your tooth and jawbone. X-rays give the dentists a completes view of all the inner workings of your teeth showing them the roots, nerve and any hidden decay between the teeth. X-rays are also recommended to be taken every six months with your dental cleans as this will give your dentist a baseline of your oral health.

  • To save money

Did you know preventative dental procedures are actually less expensive than the dental procedures required to treat longstanding oral health issues neglected over a period of time? Ignoring tooth decay or gum disease can result in more complex dental work such as root canal treatment which is not only long and tedious but also heavy on your pockets. By attending your routine dental check ups and cleaning appointments you could catch hold of these issues early on and receive treatment on time saving a great deal of money.

Getting your dental cleaning twice yearly offers several advantages and that is why we encourage you getting them regularly. Have you contacted your dentist in Forest Hill to schedule your next dental clean yet?


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